You Know its Time for a Pause

You’ve been there before. The process repeats itself. You are well aware of what happens, why, and how it’s going to end.

Your body, dreams, and gut tells you to slow down. You’re living too fast with no time to appreciate what’s in front of you. But you resist the idea of slowing down, knowing that it may help you to stay consistent. 

Take a moment. Close your eyes, and breathe for once. 

Its time to press pause.

Now that my undergrad years are over, life feels rather different. I experienced the anxiety and the usual symptoms of impending doom when you know there’s something due on a Sunday at 11:59 pm. But now there’re no due dates.

There’re no assignments left to do.

Those anxious feelings started to fade away as the weeks passed by. I haven’t had any symptoms of anything for a while. You soon realize that your college years were a type of bubble that protected you.

Your assignments are the ones you give to yourself today. No extra credit or make up exams. You are the one who does the grading.

Which brings me to these questions:

Why are you harsh on yourself on things that you decided to do on your own? 

Why feel pressured and stressed when you know that your due date is not feasible?

Why do you punish yourself for those unfinished tasks that you imposed on yourself?

I’ve been thinking on that. I see it on myself and with people around me. 

I’ve read that happiness is a choice. I’ve heard that’s about perspective. Therefore, why are you choosing stress and misery?

Take a moment and slow down. Check-in with yourself and see where you at. Is that the place you want to be? If it’s a yes, keep going. If it’s not the place, know that you can change your assignment. 

Know that you can always go back.

Press pause.

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