Embracing Your Dark Side – Or Getting Inspired by It (as an Artist)

“Obscurity” – an instrumental beat Produced by Phantasiis

We all have it.

Is that other self, who tells us to react in ways that might not be the best for everyone else. Ways that might have a negative consequence. Those thoughts that turn into scenes in our heads on how we would have approached it.

But we stop. We don’t act. We just imagine.

There’s lots to say about our dark side. Sometimes, we do let it out and have it its way. Is not always pleasant. Most of the time is not. However, it is important to know that our dark side has its purpose. It is there to protect us from harm. From injustice. From treats and an even the dark side of other people.

Sometimes fire needs to be fought with fire.

I’m not here to say that acting according to our dark side is the default answer. Allow me to elaborate on how I am embracing my darkness and channel that energy into my music. Is a creative way for me to see, hear, and materialize all those feelings that I have, and cannot explain with ease.

Music has been a tool for me to express and create emotional landscapes that I can’t express otherwise.

I am trying to create something beautiful out of it. Something that resonates with others. Something that inspire other human beings.

I am trying to connect with you through music.

I’ve been producing and releasing songs often as the winter and shorter days invigorate my creativity. I’ve been feeling more energy and sleeping better. Waking up and going for walks around the park before sunrise. I love this season.

I’ve been working on improving my diet and exercising regularly. Which, in turn, will help me create better music.

For the longest time I was ashamed of many thoughts and feelings I have. Sometimes to the guilt was so intense that was provoking me feelings of anxiety.

At the end of the day, they’re thoughts. They come and they go. Thanks to meditation I am getting comfortable by being present with my thoughts. Regardless of their nature. I just let them be and acknowledge them.

I’ve been creating darker music. And I have been creating relaxing and calming music, too. I feel that by exploring my thoughts and states of mind, I will be able to evoke feelings in others.

Let the music express what you feel. Even feelings are temporary. Might as well enjoy them or better yet, get inspired by them and create something that has permanence.

On Creativity,


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