Embracing Your Dark Side – Or Getting Inspired by It (as an Artist)

We all have it. Is that other self, who tells us to react in ways that might not be the best for everyone else. Ways that might have a negative consequence. Those thoughts that turn into scenes in our heads on how we would have approached it. But we stop. We don’t act. We just […]

“Pura Vida” – Produced by Phantasiis | Piano Type Beat

life is now neon signage

I knew this song was meant for someone I haven’t meet at the time. The title translates to “Pure Life”, which is exactly how I felt when I finally met that beautiful and pure being. I will record it properly and do it justice. See Instagram post below for a demo. Also, feel free to […]

“La Soledad” Produced by Phantasiis | Dark Type Beat

man in black pants sitting on bed

Hello, I’ve been creating music regularly for the last couple of months. I’ve been experiencing a period of stability in life that I haven’t experienced before. I don’t have the sensation that my energy is being drained. Sleeping better and feeling happy. Loved and admired from who I am, not for what I’m expected to […]

New Single “In the Mood” out on January 15th

Get in the mood with this song. I approached this song in a unique way, and it turned out more organic than my usual theme. This song is a slow tempo song with a bass line that adds vibe to the song. I hope that it teleports you somewhere special. Thank you. On Creativity, Ernesto

New Single “Good Morning Sunshine” on January 8th

Good morning! This is the second song to be released on most streaming platforms this January 8th. This song is a good one to listen while having your morning coffee, hence the title. You can pre-save it on Spotify by clicking here. You’ll have an option to share your email and get future updates on […]

New Single “Shadow on the Wall” on January 8th

Happy New Year to you! I’m starting by releasing some singles that I’ve been working on. The first one is called “Shadow on the Wall”, which is an instrumental song. It was a fun project to do. It is scheduled to be released on January 8th on most streaming platforms. If you’d like to pre-save […]

Words And Beats | Interview with Gene Katsuro

Hey friends, Welcome to the first episode of Words and Beats with Phantasiis! Today we are talking with Chicago based producer, Gene Katsuro from MakeYourOwnDamnMusic. In this episode, we discuss Gene’s creative process and mindset towards music. We dive into how music shaped our lives and why we must save music and not the other […]

Imminent Chaos | Dark Emotional Beat

Buy here: https://bsta.rs/1b7c030 I’d like to share with you my newest beat on Beatstars. This one was an interesting one for me because I didn’t expect to turn this dark. When I started making the beat, I was envisioning a feeling of closure, a feeling of redemption. It turned out differently. Once I started adding […]

‘Ya No Te Conozco’ | [Video] Demo by Phantasiis

Hello, Here’s a video of a song I wrote in July. It’s in Spanish. I hope that you like it. I was having lots of nostalgia when I was writing the lyrics, and the music felt right. There’s times where I write the music first, and the lyrics follow suit. Other times it’s the opposite. […]