Its been a week of poor sleep. I feel as if my circadian rhythm got shifted. I go to bed, and wake up after three hours on average. This is not my usual self. It’s been months since I had an extended period of irregular sleep.

It’s the stress.

I’ve been dealing with situations since I took a break from school and work. These are challenges that I’m solving one by one. They just appeared one after another. As an person that dwells into introspection, this has been tough to deal with to say the least.

I’m not worried of having an anxiety attack, or fall into depression. What I’m worried is to not being able to be objective when needed, especially now. Having a good night rest has been a craving these couple of days.

I know I’ll get there. For now, being in the dark, fully awake is not feasible. What I’ve been doing is to stand up, make some coffee, and listen to Lo-Fi hip-hop. Then I’ll be either reading a book, or writing on my journal.

I cannot longer wait for sleep to get back to me. If I feel awake, I have to stand up and do something. It’s a habit I’ve been developing, and now it feels second nature.

Right now, my mind and body are out of sync. I’m listening to the music inside of me, finding what’s going on, and what I’m doing (or not) about it.

I’ll find my tempo again.

Thank you for reading,


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