The Master I Never Met


I’m submissive, but not a victim.

You are dominant, but still not a master.

Sometimes, the joy of my heart turns me into a dominant monster.

Other times, the sorrow of my unstable existence diminish the mirror.

The reflection I have with other souls, other ideas.

That means that I’m weak and like a sponge to despair.

But when I’m with you, all that schlock disappears.

I dedicate my thoughts to you when I need to be strong.

When my heart stops because the murky day is eating me, I think of you.

After that thought, I realize that I am a victim, but just your victim.

You are my master.

The dominant monster.

You are my sorrow.

My broken mirror.

My murky schlock.

The fragile reflection of a beautiful being that I’ve never met.

Or have I?



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