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  • Todo lo que Debes Saber sobre DistroKid: Tu Compa en la Distribución Musical

    ¿Eres músico, productor o tienes una banda? ¿Quieres echar a volar en el mundo de la música, pero no sabes ni cómo? Entonces, chido, quédate porque te voy a platicar de DistroKid, la herramienta que está rifando en la distribución musical. ¿Qué es DistroKid? Imagínate a DistroKid como el mensajero de la música digital. En…

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  • ​Phantasiis – Probando Letra Para Una Instrumental de Rap

    ​Phantasiis – Probando Letra Para Una Instrumental de Rap

    En este video te comparto como estoy probando ideas para esta base de rap que hice recientemente. En esta instrumental honestamente no había quedado satisfecho con la mezcla. Al final pienso que escogí un sonido de bajo que no era el adecuado para los demás instrumentos. Sin embargo, ya me había comprometido a los sonidos…

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  • Bellos Momentos [Video] – Phantasiis

    Bellos Momentos [Video] – Phantasiis

    Si estás buscando una canción de rap en español que hable de amor y añoranza, Bellos Momentos – Phantasiis es una excelente opción. La música y las imágenes del video musical se complementan para crear una experiencia emotiva y agradable para los espectadores. ¡No te pierdas esta canción única y llena de sentimiento!

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  • Detras de Las Bases de Rap – Video de Intro – Phantasiis

    Detras de Las Bases de Rap – Video de Intro – Phantasiis

    Una introducción al canal a través de la voz de Ernesto el nombre detrás de Phantasiis

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  • “Paz” Meditative Storytelling Boom Bap Beat | Prod. by Phantasiis

    I hope you’re doing well and keeping yourself inspired. I’d like to share with you a new instrumental boom bap beat I’ve worked on Sunday night. This one was a pleasure to work with and a cathartic experience to say the least at the time of production. It’s tiled “Paz” which translates to Peace from…

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  • Producing My First Vocal Recording

    Producing My First Vocal Recording

    I’ve been exploring my lyrics in Spanish, my first language. The reason for that is because I can rhyme and improvise better with it. My written and spoken English is more academic rather than metaphorical or artistic. I felt limited. This process took several months of trial and error. I’m mostly self-thought on my music…

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  • ‘Ya No Te Conozco’ | [Video] Demo by Phantasiis

    ‘Ya No Te Conozco’ | [Video] Demo by Phantasiis

    Hello, Here’s a video of a song I wrote in July. It’s in Spanish. I hope that you like it. I was having lots of nostalgia when I was writing the lyrics, and the music felt right. There’s times where I write the music first, and the lyrics follow suit. Other times it’s the opposite.…

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  • Thank You (Letter) | New Single

    Thank You (Letter) | New Single

    This song was written as a reminder to myself. To be thankful for people that I welcome to my life. To be aware of who I let to hear my story. It turned out to be a lesson for me. Thank you for listening. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments or the…

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  • Guitar Loop [Video]

    Guitar Loop [Video]

    Life has been improving with more challenges and constrictions. There is beauty on limitations. Having less time for music may be a good thing. I’m on my last semester for my bachelors degree. It has been a rough one to say the least, and it has made me appreciate my leisure time. Now, when I…

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