New EP Out Now

Hello All,

My new EP Uncomfortable Reflections and Other Stories is out now on all streaming platforms.

It was an intimate experience writing and recording this record. It has a lot of meaning for me since I have been in an emotional rollercoaster lately. I hope, that some of the lyrics resonate with others.

Thank you for your support.

Music as catharsis,


On Brighter Notes

To break the pattern of the negativity that has been around lately, as well as the cognitive distortions of the mind, let us focus for once on the goodness.

It is not all darkness around me because I am allowing kindness on my being.

When the mind is distorted, however, it appears that everything is clear during that state.

Until we start writing about it.

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The End of The Tunnel

Tonight, I found that I was at a lost. It was not about winning anything, or to prove a point. It was about becoming responsible for something I am not. What I was going to say did not matter, the decision was already made. An excuse was needed, that is all.

Tonight, I let someone down.

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