What are You Ignoring?

I’ve been thinking about my priorities lately. I was taking stock on how I spend my time and money. I was wondering if I was where I wanted to be.

I’m doing alright.

For a moment, however, I considered if I could be doing better.

I’ve been reading books again, as they inspired me. Some thoughts that I’ve been having after reading and talking with others are the following:

  • Life is how you perceive it is
  • You are here for a short time
  • True friends are rare
  • You are never really busy
  • You ignore more than you would like to admit

The last bullet point has been lurking in my mind.

I’m aware of things I could be doing that could help me, make me happy. Yet, I choose to let it pass. Missed opportunities. I don’t feel too bad about it though. I imagine that’s common. I’m too comfortable, too used to it.

It makes me question why I’m doing it, though.

I’ve been catching myself living in automatic mode for months at a time. From point A to point B, then back to A. This has been my routine with work and college. Now that I have a break from both, I think that I haven’t been getting the most out the two.

As I’m writing this, I feel more in control of things, more independent. I’m realizing that I take many things for granted, until I don’t have them, or I’m about to lose them. Therefore, I’m learning to appreciate, express gratitude, and to let go.

True friends are a rare phenomena for me. I’m working on strengthening my current friendships. I’m starting small, but moving forward. My goal is to get to know my friends better, and see each other grow in the process.

I’ve been ignoring real and authentic interaction with others. I’m aware of it, I and started asking if this is how I want to live. Short answer: no.

If there’s something I could reflect on during the break, it’ll be my relationships with others.

What are you ignoring, that could add value to your life? Is it worth it? Leave me a comment below, or contact me.

Thank you for reading,



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