On Brighter Notes

To break the pattern of the negativity that has been around lately, as well as the cognitive distortions of the mind, let us focus for once on the goodness.

It is not all darkness around me because I am allowing kindness on my being.

When the mind is distorted, however, it appears that everything is clear during that state.

Until we start writing about it.

grayscale photography of electronic keyboard near window
Photo by Kai Pilger on Pexels.com

From my personal life:

Even though things seem tense, confusing, and sad about my relationships with others, I feel hopeful about the future in that area. I am being more open about my feelings with people. Also, I have been starting to get to know people who I generally did not know much about. It is not easy to navigate the conversation, but it is getting easier the more I do it. And I am making bonds along the way. My circle is slowly getting stronger and meaningful. People are entering my life at the same time that others are slowly taking a different path. I hope to meet them again on different circumstances and doing great. Lastly, I have been meditating at least once a day. I will write more about that at a later time.

Education and work:

I have one year left to finish my undergraduate degree: time went flying, and it is a great feeling of anticipation. At the moment, I am researching graduate programs around the country. The GRE exam will be happening soon, and I shall prepare. There are three paths that have my attention at the moment: Clinical Research, Biostatistics, and Cognitive/Clinical Psychology. I have not made a choice yet, since I believe it needs serious thought. All I know is that I enjoy statistics, and I will work to get good at them. On that end, I am excited about my educational path. For now, I will get back to tutoring students on English and Psychology. There is something about meta-cognition and creating independent learners that has meaning with me, hence my inclination with cognitive psychology.


I have some unreleased songs that are still being polished. I hope, to have new singles released in the next couple of weeks. I have been writing lyrics lately, since strong emotions trigger my creativity. There is an idea in the works for a short EP, but more on that later. I am 43 streams away to reach 1000 plays on Spotify. It makes me happy that there are people somewhere listening to my tracks. This summer shall be good for music, since I have only one course at school. I hope, to keep a relative consistent output in the next year when I start graduate school.

In sum, I am not in that bad of a spot right now. It depends on what I decide to have my attention to, that will make me feel if I am happy or not.

What are some good things happening with you?

Share the good news because they matter, too.

Let me know in the comments section.

In wellness,


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