Boom Bap Instrumental ‘Maestro’ by Phantasiis – A Beat for Songwriting

In this video, I present to you my lastest instrumental piece titled, ‘Maestro’.

I produced the loop idea with the MPC Live II by Akai Professional at 88 beats per minute. Which for me is a great tempo for a storytelling artists that would like to share their bars.

I left the song with untagged on purpose. The idea is for this to be a blank canvas where an artist can write their song with no interruptions or having to wait until the voiceover is over.

I hope that ‘Maestro’ inspires to write something full of instrospection like it did to me. I will share another video with some lyrics in Spanish in the near future.

If you end up recording something, let me know or send me an email. Would love to hear it.

Stay inspirted, friends.


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