Phantasiis presents “Vacio (Empty)”

A demo song about anhedonia. Produced, written, and recorded by Ernesto Gonzales from Phantasiis Productions. Made on MPC software. Arranged in FL Studio 21. Mixed and Mastered in Logic Pro.

Vocals recorded in one take using a Shure SM58 in Logic Pro. Used boom bap preset vocals from Waves. CLA Vocals and Butch Big Vocals for the signal chain.

Phantasiis – “Vacio (Empty)”

I wanted to let my feelings out. This seemed the best way to do so. As I have been absent from my art lately, this is a way to remind me that I can always come back.

Video created with Midjourney, Canva, InShot, and Captions app. Thank you for listening. A new version will be released on All Streaming platforms in the near future. Stay tuned.

#Phantasiis #Vacio #Empty #PhantasiisVacio #BoomBap #UndergroundHipHop #BilingualRap

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