Sanacion | A Dark Boom Bap Japanese Influenced Hip Hop Instrumental – Out Now

In this blog post, I present my latest instrumental piece, titled, “Sanacion” (healing). A hip hop beat with Japanese atmospheres available for rap artists and song writers.

Sanacion – Produced by Phantasiis a Boom Bap Hip-Hop Instrumental, Available for lease.

I approached this instrumental in a minimalistic matter. I decided to keep the instrumentation as simple as possible. I’ve used a Japanese scale to compose the main melody of the track. Followed by a wind instrument from Kontackt by Native Instruments.


I mixed and mastered the track using plug-ins by Waves. I’ve been using a mastering template with the intention of keeping my sound consistent. Sanacion showcases a dark, yet meditative ambiance that hypnotize the listener with is repetitive plucking melody.

I’ve been learning how to use Da Vinci Resolve for my latests YouTube videos. It’s an amazing software and I will get better one video at a time.

For the image, I created it using Midjourney. I’m beyond amazed with the results. I added some color correction and textures in Canva.

I hope you enjoy this instrumental and inspires you a song or a contemplative mood.

As always, all my instrumental pieces are available as free demo downloads at my beat store for personal use only.


Would you like to support my music? Here is my first song available or purchase if the spirit moves you 🙂

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