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There are times where I cannot distinguish a dream from reality. I am not a frequent dreamer, but then I do dream, it is hard to distinguish if I am awake or not. I can talk, move, or react to my dreams and then waking myself up in a sea of confusion. I wake up anxious, and scared if the dream was actually a nightmare. On rare occasions, I scream while asleep, and the sound of my voice wakes me up, adding more intensity to the inexplicable fear.

Today’s dream was one of those.

As I write this, the memory of the dream is fading away. I just remember the emotion of experiencing fear. I remember turning to my side and talking out loud some vague sentence that made sense in the dream, and my own voice woke me up. I realized that I was having a bad dream, and somehow that clarity lasted a few seconds. My body could not wake up, and my mind was on that moment of coming in and out of sleep. I started dreaming right away as I close my eyes a second time.

I remember being chased by someone. I was walking through the city, and I saw someone I know by pictures but I have never met in person. I remember talking to that individual for some time, while I was rushing to escape from whomever was following me. For some reason, my new guitar was broken, and I took it to a shop to get it fixed. I remember that it was in a bad shape, and I was in a hurry. I had to leave my guitar in the shop and kept going to an unknown path. I ended up on my old house, falling asleep on my bed, and I was semi-awake. Then, the entity that was following me was in the room with me. I could not see it due to the darkness of the room and my incapacity to move because I was exhausted of running all day from that entity. The entity was next to my bed, and I could not distinguish who it was, or what it was. Then I had the sensation that entity was taking me photographs. I did not saw any flash or heard any sound. I just had the sensation that I was being taking photographs. It was a strange feeling and the first time I dream something such as that.

I woke up slightly anxious and confused because at the time, everything seemed real and logical. I wonder if these dreams mean something that my unconscious is telling me. I am writing this to let it go from my mind, and make peace with it, but still, I am intrigued.

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