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I have been following Cal’s blog posts since I learned about him on a podcast a few years ago. I had acquired and read since then three of his books. These books provided insights that I wanted to apply to myself. At the time however,  I did not fully embraced those ideas because I honestly did not felt ready, until today. Surprisingly, the process was not difficult to do because I did had moments of great productivity by committing to Deep Work. 

And I missed those moments.


As a full-time psychology student, and part-time employee, free time is something I value a lot. I am a musician at heart who still has a lifetime to learn about the craft, and hours are limited at this stage of life. Improving at the instruments I enjoy playing requires time, patience, and concentration. Just as important, however, is having  no distractions while practicing and getting better.

After reading Cal’s blog post linked below, I realized it was time to finally “pull the plug” to the social media approach. I had periods in my life that I just took some time off, and the results were increased creativity, and more knowledge about music production. I knew it worked for me, but eventually I returned to social media for some months, and the cycle repeated itself over the years.

Now, I have reached a point in life where I took the decision to focus on what is important and essential: music is one of my essentials because I get a lot of positive and instant feedback when I do it. On the other hand, social media did not fulfilled me, and at times, using it was counter intuitive because it did not made me feel very positive afterwards. The illusion of connection, to me, was just an excuse to keep scrolling, but it was not enough of an excuse in my particular case at the end.

I could write ad nauseam about this, but I am not the only one. Instead, read Cal’s blog if there are some final confirmations needed about pulling the plug.

I am going to dive into Social Internet and see where it takes me, while I also getting better and devoting time to what actually makes me happy.

What are your essentials?

Thank you for reading this far.

And thank you, Cal, for finally motive me to take action.

Hasta la proxima.

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via Beyond #DeleteFacebook: More Thoughts on Embracing the Social Internet Over Social Media — Blog – Cal Newport

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