How To Be An Unhappy Creative

Or how to stop feeding the soul.

The question is simple, what can I do to be an unhappy creative? Here are some ideas on what to do.

1. Complain about not having time for creativity

Because I must have all day available, no work, no meetings, no one to see or be responsable for. Just all day to work on a few hours at best on a project.

2. Keep neglecting my sleep, health, and what I eat

Since I have to work harder than the next artistic peer out there, I must keep neglecting the machine that keeps me going, in order to keep going.

3. Being available for others first, and keeping myself and the craft for last

Since I cannot move on if I don’t have approval from others, I must find my creative fulfillment by overextending myself and spending all my mental energy on the outside world.

4. Keep comparing myself to everyone out there

It will make me a better artist and creative to constantly seek how others do better or worse than me. Feeding my ego or feeling attacked by the talent of other artists is definitely going to keep me going.

5. Being around people that do not share a passion for something other than themselves

Because its inspiring to try and discuss creativity and what makes us tick to people that are only waiting to respond and not actually listening to you

6. Keep waiting for inspiration to strike and the right moment to work on the craft

The muse must be present as a pre-condition for creativity. Not getting to work nor seeking and finding the muse and inspiration ourselves is going work.

And that’s a good start.

I hope that you see this for what it is. Its a personal recipe that I know works every time I want to feel uneasy and not happy. I do believe that pain and strong emotions are necessary to create and fuel creativity, but not all the time and specially not on purpose.

What it is not necessary is to ignore that I am a creative. Creating art is a way to communicate my feelings and abstractions in to the material world.

So why keep pushing creative work outside your life if you are an artist?

I believe we all have our reasons. To me, those reasons feel more like a punishment. As if not doing and avoiding what makes me feel alive will eventually make me feel I’m doing the right thing. But am I really?

Dark moments are inevitable. To keep suffering beyond that is totally up to us.

Keep on creating, when possible. Look for other artists for inspiration rather than competition. See an artist perform. Support and share their work.

We are on this together, and for a finite time. Might as well make the most of it.

Let your art keep on living and inspiring others when you’re not here. That right there, to me, is a good thing.

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