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  • En Resumen: Que Paso con el Proyecto?

    En Resumen: Que Paso con el Proyecto?

    Un resumen de lo que ha pasado en mi mundo de la música después de hacer todo lo que quiero sabiendo que no puedo hacer todo lo que quiero.

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  • Guitar Loop [Video]

    Guitar Loop [Video]

    Life has been improving with more challenges and constrictions. There is beauty on limitations. Having less time for music may be a good thing. I’m on my last semester for my bachelors degree. It has been a rough one to say the least, and it has made me appreciate my leisure time. Now, when I…

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  • New EP Out Now

    Hello, I’ve released a new spoken-word, 11 tracks EP in Spanish. It’s titled “Diferencial: Tuvo un Día Triste” (Differential: He had a sad day).  This EP is composed of poems that I wrote, based on love and heartbreak with the point of view of someone who has a mental health condition.  It deals with topics…

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