Imminent Chaos | Dark Emotional Beat

Imminent Chaos | Dark Emotional Beat

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I’d like to share with you my newest beat on Beatstars. This one was an interesting one for me because I didn’t expect to turn this dark. When I started making the beat, I was envisioning a feeling of closure, a feeling of redemption.

It turned out differently.

Once I started adding the melodies, I instantly felt the desperation the sound was portraying. Imaging a feeling of sadness that happens when you know something inevitable is going to happen. Hence, the title, “Imminent Chaos”. It felt right to name it that way.

As far as the structure goes, I went to a fast tempo, 150 bpm with a half time feeling. I spend more time on my hi hat patterns because I feel that’s one of the areas to improve with my music. Also, I tried different patterns with the kick drum. I liked how it turned out at the end.

One thing I still need to be okay with is the 808 bass. I’m sure I will make them sound better. On this occasion, the whole mix peaks at -6db. I hope to hear what a mixing engineer can do with the stems.

Please let me know what you think of it. Constructive feedback is always welcomed. Feel free to use the contact form to get in touch.

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phantasiis – My New Music Project

Exploring new sounds and emotions through music is important to me. I’m revisiting lyrics and ideas in Spanish, as reflected on my last spoken word record. This turned into my new project: phantasiis.

This project of mine is going to be entirely in Spanish, my first language. There’s something in me that I want to share with you but I cannot express it the way I intended to in English.

The main genre will be hip-hop or something close to its core elements. Some songs will be pure instrumentals, while others will have either spoken work, or my best attempt at rapping.

I feel I’m ready to start releasing songs for this project. Ernesto Delirium will continue, but it will be intended for my guitar driven songs from now on. I believe I have enough of a blend of genres in my repertoire, and I would like to keep it consistent with guitar and spoken word.

phantasiis is going to be for my hip-hop and rap explorations. Also, I started a blog for that project, too. You can find it here. However, its content will be in Spanish.

I’ve already posted my first blog post, which is a letter I wrote to myself about forgiveness.

I feel happy with the way things are turning out for my music endeavors. I believe that phantasiis will explore my emotions in Spanish, whereas Ernesto Delirium will explore my ideas in English.

Muchas gracias,


Music Updates And Recommendations

Music Updates And Recommendations

This winter break was supposed to be dedicated to the craft. I was waiting for it. Almost to the point of romanticizing it. I didn’t go as planned, however. I wanted to use the newest addition to the home studio, the Maschine MK3.

Maschine MK3
Going deep with this one during my spare time.

I have a project that’s in the works right now. I’m experimenting with lyrics in Spanish, after releasing my first full-length album. I don’t have an estimate of how long it’s going to take, but I’m happy with the demos so far.

Getting Maschine has lead me to the world of sampling. It’s interesting, and I have absolutely no idea how I’m going to apply it to songs, but I’m getting inspiration from YouTube and Instagram.

If you are in to sampling, hip-hop, and gear reviews, I strongly recommend you this YouTube Channel Accurate Beats.

Also, I recommend this blog to my readers, Jordan Hall – Music Journalist. Jordan has a background in production, audio engineering, and writes for various publications.

He has great content on hip-hop, sampling, vinyl, and interviews from music industry. His blog was one of the first ones I’ve followed, and I’ve been a fan since then.

Songs On Repeat: I have these two songs on my head lately. The first one is by the band Flunk, titled “Hello (Demo).” It’s an acoustic version of their trip-hop song. It just sounds good to me.

From their Album: Chemistry and Math

The second song is by Minthaze, titled “Stüssy.” It appeared on my recommended songs from Spotify. The moment I heard the first snare, I was hooked. It just has that right tone and mix on any of the speakers I have.

For those that love instrumental beats

Last Thoughts: I’ve been slowly but surely updating the website. Trying a new template and getting a readable design.

I’ve joined SoundCloud in order to reach out to new listeners. My complete catalog is soon to be uploaded on their platform. It takes a bit of time. Let me know if you are on SoundCloud so I can follow you.

School and work already started. I’m hoping that with this structure I can make time to write here.

Let me know what your thoughts in the comments, or through the contact form.

Thank you for reading,