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  • New EP Out Now

    Hello All, My new EP Uncomfortable Reflections and Other Stories is out now on all streaming platforms. It was an intimate experience writing and recording this record. It has a lot of meaning for me since I have been in an emotional rollercoaster lately. I hope, that some of the lyrics resonate with others. Thank you…

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  • The End of The Tunnel

    Tonight, I found that I was at a lost. It was not about winning anything, or to prove a point. It was about becoming responsible for something I am not. What I was going to say did not matter, the decision was already made. An excuse was needed, that is all. Tonight, I let someone…

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  • Anxiety and Its Rhythms

    There are times where reality gets distorted. What surrounds me does not make any sense. It seems fictitious. An altered state of mind where my perceptions are deviating and ever-changing. I stop living the present.

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  • Anger Afterhours

    It is Sunday, 1:17 am, and I cannot sleep. Emotions are strong tonight. I feel anger inside. The truth is that I feel anxious, and that makes me react with anger. It makes me feel frustrated because I thought I was fine, until I started remembering.

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  • A Friend Through The Storm

    Learning that one can survive and transform from situations that are painful and out of control is reassuring. Sadness and happiness are not forever. Living through them accompanies a learning experience where one can learn something unique about the self, or learn something about others. When going through the storm, the choice of how are…

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  • Broken, But Not Alone – Daily Prompt

    Just sad, plain. Empty, with no desires. Just this numbing pain. My once vast well of emotions is drying out. Drop by Drop. For others, is almost entertaining. And I don’t have time for laughter When I feel that my soul is being slaughtered. I try to make a conscious effort To recognize the signals…

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