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  • Imminent Chaos | Dark Emotional Beat

    Imminent Chaos | Dark Emotional Beat

    Buy here: https://bsta.rs/1b7c030 I’d like to share with you my newest beat on Beatstars. This one was an interesting one for me because I didn’t expect to turn this dark. When I started making the beat, I was envisioning a feeling of closure, a feeling of redemption. It turned out differently. Once I started adding…

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  • Pandemia Y Desamor  | Instrumental Beat for Sale/Lease

    Pandemia Y Desamor | Instrumental Beat for Sale/Lease

    https://www.beatstars.com/beat/pandemia-y-desamor-88bpm-5658753 I’d like to start with some updates since my last post: I feel back to normal from my severe insomnia that I had for months. Now I have a more structured day and normal hours. I’ve been making music regularly and I’ve reached a point where I decided to move forward to the next…

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  • ‘Estoy Tranquilo’ – Instrumental by Phantasiis

    ‘Estoy Tranquilo’ – Instrumental by Phantasiis

    Hello, Here’s a new beat that I made recently. I hope that you like it. I spent several days without making any music. I’ve been, however, playing my guitar and doing freestyles in Spanish to get a creative flow going. I’m finally sleeping better and feel like a human being again. I feel that my…

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  • Back at the Craft | Update

    Back at the Craft | Update

    Here’s a song that I’ve made recently. It’s an instrumental where I try to emulate the Lo-Fi genre. I hope you like it! I stopped making music for several weeks due to my mental state and negative mindset. I started exercising during that time and did meditation consistently. I feel that I started to notice…

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  • phantasiis – My New Music Project

    Exploring new sounds and emotions through music is important to me. I’m revisiting lyrics and ideas in Spanish, as reflected on my last spoken word record. This turned into my new project: phantasiis. This project of mine is going to be entirely in Spanish, my first language. There’s something in me that I want to…

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  • New Single: Farewell to All I Used to Care

    New Single: Farewell to All I Used to Care

    Hello, I’ve been working on improving my mixing skills. I’ve applied what I’ve learned so far on this new single, titled “Farewell to All I Used to Care”. This song was recorded during the summer. It took time to figure out how I wanted it to sound. All I know is that it gave me…

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