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  • How To Be An Unhappy Creative

    How To Be An Unhappy Creative

    A blogpost about what I do to not be creating art, and how to stay unhappy.

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  • Pressing The Record Button

    The time to explore, experiment, and create music has started again. After focusing on summer school, I finally have some time to record ideas. On that note, hitting the record button was a scary thing to do.

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  • On Distraction and Finding Focus After an Organized Mess

      Music has been my emotional release lately. I had tried meditation several times and it does help to reach mental clarity. There is something unique when I am making music, however. I probably have not much experience yet with meditation to fully reach its benefits. I believe it makes me think better when I…

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  • On Brighter Notes

    To break the pattern of the negativity that has been around lately, as well as the cognitive distortions of the mind, let us focus for once on the goodness. It is not all darkness around me because I am allowing kindness on my being. When the mind is distorted, however, it appears that everything is…

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