An Update

An Update

I want to share with you this phrase from my journal;

It’s scary to admit that I’m looking for excuses that would validate my lack of performance.

I wrote that five days ago.

I’ve been thinking how I’m spending my time. To be honest, I wasn’t satisfied how I was approaching each day lately. I don’t usually procrastinate, but I was subconsciously sabotaging myself.

I stopped taking care of the essentials.

I was getting absorbed by distractions.

The idea of not having enough time for anything of value was uncomfortable. However, it was just an assumption that needed to be tested. I had the notion that my schedule was compromised.

It was my habits that were compromised.

I felt that I was underperforming.

And I was.

Its time for some introspection and fostering my creativity. I’m reading the newest book by Cal Newport, titled Digital Minimalism, and I decided to follow his suggestions. I don’t have an excuse that would help me validate my lack of performance.

I’m working on my work input and output. I’m preparing myself to deliver both at school and with my music.

I won’t be blogging for a couple of weeks. However, I’ll be writing and working on school projects and music whenever possible.

Until then,


An Important Post by Cal Newport

I have been following Cal’s blog posts since I learned about him on a podcast a few years ago. I had acquired and read since then three of his books. These books provided insights that I wanted to apply to myself. At the time however,  I did not fully embraced those ideas because I honestly did not felt ready, until today. Surprisingly, the process was not difficult to do because I did had moments of great productivity by committing to Deep Work. 

And I missed those moments.
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