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  • Madrugadas – The Perfect Choice for Your Next Project

    Madrugadas – The Perfect Choice for Your Next Project

    Madrugadas is a melancholic instrumental beat that adds depth and emotion to any project. Lease it today and create a memorable experience for your audience.

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  • Bellos Momentos [Video] – Phantasiis

    Bellos Momentos [Video] – Phantasiis

    Si estás buscando una canción de rap en español que hable de amor y añoranza, Bellos Momentos – Phantasiis es una excelente opción. La música y las imágenes del video musical se complementan para crear una experiencia emotiva y agradable para los espectadores. ¡No te pierdas esta canción única y llena de sentimiento!

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  • New Instrumental: “Ladron” – Dark Boom Bap Type Beat

    New Instrumental: “Ladron” – Dark Boom Bap Type Beat

    Nueva instrumental estilo Boom Bap Dark | New Instrumental – Dark Boom Bap Type Beat

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  • March Sale! 50% OFF On All My Instrumentals

    March Sale! 50% OFF On All My Instrumentals

    50% OFF On All Beats. For the Month of March Only!

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  • Pandemia Y Desamor  | Instrumental Beat for Sale/Lease

    Pandemia Y Desamor | Instrumental Beat for Sale/Lease I’d like to start with some updates since my last post: I feel back to normal from my severe insomnia that I had for months. Now I have a more structured day and normal hours. I’ve been making music regularly and I’ve reached a point where I decided to move forward to the next…

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  • ‘Estoy Tranquilo’ – Instrumental by Phantasiis

    ‘Estoy Tranquilo’ – Instrumental by Phantasiis

    Hello, Here’s a new beat that I made recently. I hope that you like it. I spent several days without making any music. I’ve been, however, playing my guitar and doing freestyles in Spanish to get a creative flow going. I’m finally sleeping better and feel like a human being again. I feel that my…

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  • Phantasiis – ‘Summer Beats’ | Instrumental Hip-Hop Playlist

    Phantasiis – ‘Summer Beats’ | Instrumental Hip-Hop Playlist

    Here’s a playlist of several singles that I released today on my SoundCloud. For some reason which I yet need to explore, I didn’t want to release it. Perhaps it was a sensation of impostor syndrome disguised as procrastination. I had several songs finished and ready to go, and I still did not do the…

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  • Pandemia Y Desamor | Rap en Español

    Here’s something I made today. It’s a rap song in Spanish. Please let me know your thoughts. Recorded with my cellphone and computer monitors. Beat made in FL Studio 20. Thank you for listening. Ernesto

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  • Some Changes and Updates

    Some Changes and Updates

    It’s been a while since I’ve made a blog post. I’ve been working in the background. Making songs on a regular basis and learning new software. Here’s some updates I’d like to share with you since my absence:  I’ve noticed that I’m more creative when I wake up earlier than later in the day. The…

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  • Back at the Craft | Update

    Back at the Craft | Update

    Here’s a song that I’ve made recently. It’s an instrumental where I try to emulate the Lo-Fi genre. I hope you like it! I stopped making music for several weeks due to my mental state and negative mindset. I started exercising during that time and did meditation consistently. I feel that I started to notice…

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  • The Summer Demos

    The Summer Demos

    I’d like to share with you a playlist with some songs I’ve made during the summer. I’ve been practicing and learning how to produce hip-hop. My goal is to produce the LoFi genre. It has been an interesting and enjoyable process for the most part. There’s much to learn, and not much time on my…

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  • Our Song and Silence

    Our Song and Silence

    I started to hear our song The one that we danced Together, as one, as a whole With our bodies and souls I realize that you’re not here Not with me, not together anymore And we’re not dancing either Our bodies and souls are now apart Silence is what I want Please turn off the…

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