Ernesto’s journey started when he got his first nylon-string guitar as a birthday gift from his grandparents when he turned eighteen.

His grandparents noticed his interest and passion to learn the guitar and gifted him an electric guitar for his 19th birthday.
Ernesto discovered the world of electric guitar and wanted to record his own compositions rather than play covers all the time.

Being self-thought in an era of online videos, Ernesto started to consume countless hours of material to play better.
While in college, Ernesto used his savings, purchased an open-box MacBook Pro, and decided that he wanted to learn how to record his ideas. However, the world of production and recording was still unknown to him.

One of the very firsts recordings attempts by Ernesto in company of his best friend

He started to learn how to record guitars using Cubase as his first DAW and a Line6 audio interface. He started to learn about audio production realizing that he needed more skills as a solo artist.

His interest in beat making started as a challenge to learn how to program drums using a DAW. His first beat was a rendition to Kendrick Lamar’s song “Swimming Pools”. He started to create more hip-hop influenced music driven by guitar and devoted more time to beat making during his late twenties.

Since then, he started to release songs as soon as he learned how to do so. His first project, Ernesto Delirium was a passion project where there were no rules for him. You can tell by listening to his repertoire in reverse chronological order. His last full-length album was “The Summer Demos” which marks his focus towards hip-hop production in general.

And from that, Phantasiis started.