It’s Not Your Time

It’s a way that sadness manifests itself. A depressive period where you’re trying to make yourself feel anything else other than you. Coping skills are what define you during this moment.

Please know that it won’t last forever. What you do during this period might do, however.

This is the time where you have a negative perspective about you. Wishing to be far away from this. You’re feeling desperate.

It’s when your cravings and desires start to manifest. It may be alcohol, drugs, overeating, risky relationships, or self-harm. You name it. 

You know your patterns. 

Why do you still do the same behavior at the first sign of depression? The quick dopamine shot will be brief. You know that it would numb whatever you’re avoiding for sure. And you also know that it will be there, waiting for you when you decide to face it, or at least glance at it.

If you glance at your depression, it won’t glance back at you. It will just take over. Look at it in the eye, instead. Make it look away from you.

Please know that it’s a mask that colors what you see, what you think and feel. Even when those moments seem that everything is real and true, know that is probably distorted. It’s not your time to make high-stakes decisions.

You might feel that you’re being logical, but what’s going on is more like a rationalized negativity. Check-in with your feelings to gain some introspection. Make sure that you’re being pro-active instead of reactive.

When you’re feeling sad, it may be time to take a step back. Live those feelings, and see if you can narrow them down. Perhaps is lack of sleep, not eating healthy, or accumulated stress. 

Your body knows how to slow you down if it needs a break. Those summer colds are for a reason. Take stock on what your body is telling you.

It’s not your time for plan A, B, or C. When the first step is to be healthy. The second is to maintain it. 

I hope that when sadness pays you a visit, you know what to do, instead of going for the quick dopamine shot. Maybe its time for a quick mind and body check. See if you are overdoing something, or not doing that something that will get you back on your feet.

Make time for you. 

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