Guitar Loop [Video]

Life has been improving with more challenges and constrictions. There is beauty on limitations. Having less time for music may be a good thing.

I’m on my last semester for my bachelors degree. It has been a rough one to say the least, and it has made me appreciate my leisure time. Now, when I have a window of free time, it goes towards the craft.

Getting back at it after a break

This is my first YouTube video where I’m doing an improvisation over a beat I made on Maschine. I’m using a Boss RC-1 Loop Station pedal, and a Blackstar ID: Core Amplifier. It was recorded on the fly with an iPhone microphone.

I’ve been working on some demos for a project under a different name. I’m hoping to release the new project EP by this summer. We’ll see.

As always, let me know your thoughts, questions or suggestions using the contact form.

Mondai nai,


2 responses to “Guitar Loop [Video]”

    • Thank you for watching, Jordan. I’m happy that sounds good coming from you :).

      I have the MK3 as well, and did not touched it either for about two months (!). However, once I got a chance and sit down with the intention, I started to get the idea. It will definitely stay on my bedroom studio. I’m sure that I haven’t used 10% of its full potential as a production and performance unit. I’m glad I got it.

      No shame, man! Time will come, and I’m sure you’ll like it as well.

      Have a great week!

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