Anxiety’s Cycle – A Reflection

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The day and night cycle. For some, days with anxiety feel longer, and for others nights can be unbearable. On the other hand, there’s good days where you wish wouldn’t end. Nights that were too short. Memories that are here to stay, for better or worse. And then, there’s this bittersweet feeling that anxiety will show up again, uninvited, like the day and night cycle.

In a way, this gives me hope.

Years ago, a friend wrote me, “it happens, it always happens.” That idea wasn’t necessarily bad. With perspective, I understood that anxiety attacks were going to happen, but also stop because they always did. It’s important to remember that anxious feelings, sensations, and thoughts are momentary. To me, anxiety attacks are moments, and not really a natural state. However, I forget about this from time to time, and specially when it’s happening. I’m writing this as a reminder. I’m writing to reflect.

Anxiety can be the catalyst for many things. It might motivate you to start a project, or place you on hold. It might help you prepare for something important, or make you feel unprepared. It might be a source of inspiration for your craft. It might be the reason why you aren’t creating. The concept of anxiety varies, as well as the outcomes. Depending on what are your patterns, you might thrive on it or not.

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If anxiety happens, know that it will stop, it will end. It might take five minutes that seem eternal. It might take the whole day, or a sleepless night. One thing that I’ve learned, is that is not forever, and when it’s happening is not the real you. It’s your mind telling you that there’s danger, and sometimes there’s nothing dangerous going on.

And then, there’s this bittersweet feeling of peace of mind after it goes away.

Just as anxiety happens, peace of mind will follow, it always will. It is a cycle. A sequence that’s not proportional on its sections. But still, it comes full circle, just as the day and night.

I made a song about anxiety a few months ago. Give it a listen if you wish. Perhaps, it’s time to write a song about how it’s a cycle, too.

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