Producer Profile: Make Your Own Damn Music

Make Your Own Damn Music (MYODM for short) is the man behind the project LoFi Chill. You can find his music project on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, BandCamp, and on most streaming platforms.

MYODM’s YouTube channel covers a range of topics about music production. For instance, he has reviews of plugins and their application to different styles of music, mixing tutorials, home studio tips and techniques, and beat making tutorials. The DAWs that he uses are Cubase and Reason. Regardless of the DAW, his techniques and approaches can be applied to any program. The channel has helped me to understand the basics of mixing and beat making.

While the main focus of MYODM is rooted on music production, he also has videos about the business side of music. These videos provide great insight on how to start releasing and what are the steps in order to get your music out. Moreover, MYODM has an honest and straight-to-the-point style, which is something that I admire. MYODM provides his philosophy on the craft, and the future of music from his more than 20 years experience as a professional music producer.

If you are starting out on music production at home, like me, or you would like to learn about mixing, or plugins, MYODM will be a great start. Also, if you already have experience recording and mixing, but would like to understand about releasing and collecting royalties, his channel provides great insight.

This is the first Producer Profile I have done for the website. I decided to start with MYODM because his videos were instrumental for me to start releasing and making my own damn music. I hope you enjoyed it. More posts like this one will happen at a later time.

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