New EP To Be Released

I have been working on a five song EP that was recorded recently. It is titled Uncomfortable Reflections and

Other Stories. It was out of necessity to release some of what I had going on inside. An urgent feeling to record the ideas. I did not have my bass guitar available, nor my actual microphone, therefore, I had to improvise with the tools I had. The end product were five hip-hop inspired tracks with spoken word on them.

One thing I know is that, whenever I am overwhelmed, it resolves into music.

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It makes me happy to know that all the emotions translate into something that I can listen. A way to transform and materialize what I feel, but cannot explain properly otherwise. I hope, that listeners find some meaning to it as well.

The songs are synth-driven with some beats going on the background. I replaced the bass guitar with a sub bass synthesizer. The vocals have a different signal chain on each song. Some of them have distortion, and some are have delay and reverb. The structure is simple on the synthesizers: it is the same chord with some alterations throughout the song. I decided to go minimalistic with them, since I am not yet proficient with the keyboard. I wanted to add guitar to the tracks, but the synthesizers were rich enough to leave them as they are.

For the mixing process, which I have a lifetime ahead to learn about it, ended up decent enough, but it is not as balanced as I wanted to be. The vocals sometimes are not as clear, or were a bit loud in some songs. I tried my best. I shall improve.

It will be released this Friday, June 15th, on Spotify, Apple Music, and many other music outlets.

If you wish, you could pre-save the EP on Spotify.

Thank you for listening to my music.

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