abstract break broken broken glass
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Just sad, plain.

Empty, with no desires.

Just this numbing pain.

My once vast well of emotions is drying out.

Drop by Drop.

For others, is almost entertaining.

And I don’t have time for laughter

When I feel that my soul is being slaughtered.

I try to make a conscious effort

To recognize the signals

To prevent more pain from myself

And when I notice it, it is too late

There is no escape.

Until I reacted.

I saw and recognized my vulnerability

I saw how fragile I am.

How broken.


And I realized:

“I am broken, and it means that I am into pieces.

That means I am everywhere.

And when I feel sad, the universe is sad with me too.

It’s making me company.”

Now, I know that it is okay to cry for no reason.

To feel overwhelmed by words of kindness.

But all that it means is that I have to be strong.

I will survive this depression and its thorns.

It is part of the ritual.

I am not alone.

via Daily Prompt: Broken