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It was a Saturday.

An evening where I decided that I really wanted to know that human being.

I told her about the darkness that lived within me.

She didn’t seem to care about it. I knew I could trust her after that.

That night, in retrospect, was a ceremony.

It is a rare occurrence when I meet someone as intelligent, understanding, and mesmerizing as her. That afternoon, I felt comfortable to show her my other self, the one I try to hide from everyone else. I removed my mask.

The reason I remember that night as a ceremony, was because everything appeared to fall into place; our gazes, our silences, our laughs and our conversation. It was a meaningful evening with a peaceful energy. Now that I think about it, that evening was a ceremony where two strangers formed part of something greater than themselves.

A ceremony of connectedness.

No sacrifices, no prayers, no chanting, nor vows to any deity. That seemed too far away from what we were creating that night. It was a ritual where we were knowing each other. It was natural, and to a degree, it felt like a dream. It was perfect. A night that I will never forget.

A ceremony of friendship, love, and desire.

I feel fortunate to have her in my life.

Getting to know someone as her made me a better human. Many ceremonies of connectedness happened after that first night. Fear swarms in my mind and body when I imagine my life without her friendship and soul.

I hope, to be there during dark moments.

I hope, that she will be there to help me break my walls, and let her light in.

I hope, to someday be a light to her, and end her sadness.

A ceremony where we complement each other through connectedness, showing our vulnerability, but also our strengths.

When I am close to her, everything seems to have a sense of divinity. I wish I could explain it better.

In connectedness,


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